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Featured Review: Pulled



Featured Review: Pulled This selection of prints from St. Louis-area fine-art presses reveals a largely unsung, local dedication to the art of printmaking and a select but comprehensive history of the phenomenon. Privileging the non-craft and commercial products of this labor-intensive medium, the pieces in Pulled celebrate the multi-valent and near-painterly qualities of these paper-based images and their essentially collaborative spirit. Highlights include the deceptively crude but lushly imaginative work of T.L. Solien; a portfolio, organized by Jana Harper in collaboration with the food writer Michael Pollan, of small pieces inspired by the latter's In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto; a print that becomes a three-dimensional mask by Cameron Fuller (aptly titled Be the Wolfman); and a diptych by Brandon Anschultz that exemplifies the delicate depth of color that can be built from innumerable printed layers. Curator Gina Alvarez worked with Wildwood Press, Island Press, Nancy Kranzberg Center for the Illustrated Book, Pele Prints, Dubbledutch Press and All Along Press to determine which prints to include in the exhibit, and a brief and informative narrative of each press is presented alongside each piece. Through January 8, 2010, at the St. Louis Artists' Guild and Galleries, 2 Oak Knoll Park, Clayton; 314-727-6266 or Hours: noon-4 p.m. Tue.-Sun.

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