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Fashion First

Then save the world


Look, times are tough. And when times are tough, it's easy to shrug off charitable requests as "nonessential." But Mathews-Dickey's annual Sheer Elegance fundraiser is an investment in the future. The money raised goes toward the Mathews-Dickey Girls' Program, which helps young women achieve their full potential artistically, culturally, athletically — whatever the lady's individual talents are, it will be developed. Once these ladies are successful adults, they'll be the ones bailing out and running the county. This year's theme is "A Star Is Born," and so twenty young women already benefiting from the program will model current fashions and present a dance tribute to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. You also get lunch and dessert, as well as more musical performances. The day begins with an 11 a.m. reception, and the fashion show starts at noon, all at the Chase Park Plaza (212 North Kingshighway Boulevard; 314-382-5952, extension 234 or Tickets are $50 to $100.
Sat., Dec. 20, 2008