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Fancy Feast

For ladies who lavishly lunch (and other people, too)



Those close to Ms. Day know that she's nothing if not fancy. From her lace petticoat to her stylish chapeau, Lady Day has fancy down to a delicate, dainty science, and she loves to live the high life, the dandy life. So when she heard about the Royal Valentine's Tea at the simply delightful Ladies of Lucerne, she knew she had to be there. For starters, Ladies is located in a castle — a castle! — that sneakily masquerades as a barn (the Barn at Lucerne to be exact, located at 930 Kehrs Mill Road in Ballwin; Plus, having afternoon tea — any afternoon tea, let alone a royal afternoon tea — is bound to be just as elegant as it sounds. From the tea room's sumptuous soups and chichi quiches and other savories to the stately scones, sweets and pinky-finger-up-worthy teas, it seems that even a princess would blush at the extravagances. And they don't stop there! This deluxe tea also includes Champagne service, chocolate-covered strawberries and a serenading classical-guitar player! Whew, that was a close one — Ms. Day almost collapsed on the nearest fainting couch; she loves the bubbly!

This luxurious, leisurely affair happens from noon to 3 p.m., and reservations are required (call 636-227-7300). And because the Royal Valentine's Tea costs only $40 per person, everyone — including even the nonfancy — should feel more than welcome to treat themselves.
Sat., Feb. 11