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Ever Snooped and Found Something You Regretted?

Week of August 27, 2003


Myke Haley
Stylist, Mitchell-JAms Salon
"I did! I snooped in my mother's drawer and read her diary and regretted that because I didn't really need to hear her thoughts and opinions on certain things, you know. And since then I don't go through people's drawers, although I do peek in their shower stalls to see what kind of hair-care products they use. You can tell a lot about a person by the hair-care products they use."

Kelly Bell
Elementary School Teacher
"Yeah, I snooped in someone's wallet and found a picture that told me a lot, something I'd already suspected. When I confronted this person, he shut down and we didn't talk about it anymore. But regret it? No, we're still good friends, just no longer intimate."

Chris Mannelli
Actor, Metro Theater Company
"When I was nine, playing hide-and-seek, I found a great hiding spot, but I also found all the Christmas presents and had this horrible realization that there was no Santa Claus. It was fairly traumatic. And that same year I learned that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were both lies and it started this cascade of the loss of cherished childhood fantasies. I kept trying to convince my younger sister it was all still true, but eventually we all find out."

Helen Jefferson
Office Manager, St. Louis Design Alliance
"I once found some letters that I think I would have been better off not reading. I wouldn't do that again, but I was curious at the time and I read them to my dismay. So sometimes it's best to wait and see if people will tell you things than to snoop and find it on your own, 'cause that can hurt. It's hard to confront them with it since you shouldn't have been there in the first place."

Grey Wilkes
Owner, Top Notch Transportation
"Yeah, in my parents' bedroom, as a kid, I came across some condoms -- pretty embarrassing. At the same time, as I got older, I always knew where to go if I needed them: Dad's condom drawer. Without even knowing it, he taught me safe sex."

Courtney Key
Server, Weber's Front Row
"Well, I was cleaning my own closet once and found a bag of my roommate's stuff, and it was funny to me that she put it in my closet if she was trying to hide it, because it was pregnancy tests and birth control and condoms and whatnot and I was like 'I don't need this.' And yeah, I regretted it: Too much information. I knew her boyfriend; I didn't want to be in on their personal life. I just wanted to live in peace and not know too much."

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