Eric Durham: Florida's Confidence Man

Rated NR 68 minutes

Tighten your seat belts, sit back, and get an in-depth look into the life and exploits of Eric Durham: "Florida's Confidence Man." Like a mad scientist, "the confidence man" left the corners of the drug trade and disappeared only to resurface as one of Tampa's most notorious white collard crime figures in the bay area. He became wealthy with the stroke of a pen and had the authorities scratching their heads, but it would all come crashing down on his head sooner than he expected. In his own words, Eric allows you to take a walk with him through the pages of his life to reveal to the audience that things aren't always as they appear to be.

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Director: Corey Allen

Cast: Oscar Sherman, James Tokley, Fabian Blakley, Charles Coles, Erica Durham, Eric Durham, Chris Cross, Davida Bowen, Debbie Boles and Jeffrey Ray

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