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Eight Is Great


Despite a lifetime spent in thrall to death metal, Mr. Night still knows beautiful music when he hears it. The sounds of Octarium, a vocal ensemble based in Kansas City, certainly qualify as beautiful. The eight members of Octarium go beyond raising their voices together in song; their voices warp and weave together, coalescing as a single instrument of tremendous power and depth. Octarium wields this might gracefully, never overpowering the listener with technique, opting instead to revel in the pliancy of the human voice. The result is a shared voice that's rooted in the lower register but can soar to ethereal heights. Bound together this way, the group reflects the strength of community. Fittingly, Octarium performs at 7:30 p.m. this evening at the Saint Louis Abbey (500 South Mason Road, Creve Coeur; 314-878-2120, extension 14) as part of the abbey's Golden Jubilee concert series. The program features a selection of a cappella works on the themes of angels and saints, and includes works by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Franz Schubert, among others. Admission is free.
Sat., Oct. 21