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Eagles Are in Fashion


You've known that the eagles have been back in town for a while, but have you gone to visit them? No. And why not? You're probably thinking that nothing has changed since last year when you went and saw the majestic birds. You're just sure they're doing all the same soaring as ever before, all the same swooping down on fish like always, all the same regal staring. And you'd be right. But the eagles are wearing something different in 2008 — and that would be pants made out of feathers. Just check out the guy in that photo! Feather pants! For real! That's just like the eagles — always keeping you on your toes. Just watch: The next winter fashion week will be all faux-feather slacks, all the time. You know you want to be on the cutting edge of that trend, so check out our stylish feathered friends at the final Bald Eagle Day at Pere Marquette State Park (on Route 100 in Grafton, Illinois; 618-786-3323 or The free fun begins at 8:30 a.m. at the park's visitor center, and you must call ahead and reserve your spot before you can learn all about eagles' diets, habitats and more (like where they shop). The park recommends you have a full tank of gas for the driving part of the program and some binoculars — you know, to better see the flying fashionistas.
Sat., March 1, 2008