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Ta Det Lugnt (Kemado)



If you haven't lately been able to satisfy your jones for psychedelic rock -- not to mention folk-pop or free jazz -- then fret no longer. The latest fix in these genres is Dungen, the rock vehicle for Swedish folk student and multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes. His masterpiece, Ta Det Lugnt ("Take It Easy") boasts songs of a higher quality than anything IKEA or H&M ever made. With right-on guitar tone, bustling drums and a Hammond's purr, the album perfectly channels the late '60s and early '70s without being overly derivative. Don't let the fact that the lyrics are sung in Swedish scare you away, either -- it only makes the experience that much more otherworldly. Besides, Lugnt's harmonies are so infectious you'll find yourself trying to sing along anyway. There's a saying in Sweden: "Spara inte på krutet" ("Don't save on the gunpowder"). From how Ta Det Lugnt explodes from the speakers into the consciousness, it's clear that Ejstes takes that expression to heart.