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Duck! Incoming Sliothar


It's coming right down to the wire for the four teams of the St. Louis Hurling Club: This year's championship squads were determined in the final regular game of the season; unfortunately, this happened after this issue went to press, so we have no idea if the Black Shamrocks are playing the Celtics, or the Red Dragons are playing the Celtics, or the Sons of Liberty are playing the Celtics, or the Black Shamrocks are playing the Sons of Liberty in the title game. But it doesn't matter which clubs are on the pitch (well, to us; the teams are deeply invested): When you have four teams that are so closely matched, you're going to get tight, hard-fought games. And that can only be good for the spectators. So get to Parkway Northeast Middle School (I-270 and Ladue Road, Creve Coeur; visit for a helpful map) by 1 p.m. for the consolation match, and stay for the 2:15 p.m. title match between the top two teams. Once you witness a man running balls-out downfield, balancing a baseball-size sliothar on the paddle of his hurley while opposing players chop at him with their own hurleys, you'll be hooked. And if that makes no sense to you now, it will once you see a few minutes of Ireland's national sport, which is part field hockey and part Iron Age combat. Admission is free, and there's an after-game party at whichever bar sponsored the winning team.
Sat., June 17