Dreamers (2000)

Rated NR 2000

This is a simple story, told by a CFDS patient about her fellow patients in a city created by their delusional minds they call "Hollywood." Dave is a small-town boy who moves to Los Angeles to join his friend Ethan. The two try to escape their past and chase their dreams in Tinseltown. In order to continue the production of Ethan's film, which was recently abandoned by its lead actor, Dave is to make the biggest sacrifice of his life: to exchange his virginity for money; but can his sacrifice be the real cure for these CFDS patients (aka "Dreamers")? And can dreams become the escape from reality?

Film Credits

Director: Ann Lu

Writer: Ann Lu

Producer: Artie Glackin

Cast: Jeremy Jordan, Courtney Gains, Brian Krause, Paul Bartel and Mark Ballou

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