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Dream a Little Dream


Being jolted awake from dreaming is rarely enjoyable. It often happens either a panic-stricken second before you face-plant into the pavement after a 37-story fall or when you were thisclose to accepting your Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical. Tonight, you can join other lucid dreamers at the Waking Dreams: The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites from the Delaware Art Museum exhibit at the Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park ( In the galleries showcasing these nineteenth-century British artworks and their sensuous jewel tones, ethereal subjects and faraway landscapes, you’ll find a Young Friends party honoring the Dreams. This fundraiser, happening from 6:30 to 9 p.m., features cocktails, eats, music and attendance prizes. Heck, you can even go for a nightcap in your nightcap: Wearing your favorite ratty robe to the party isn’t a requirement, but it won’t be frowned upon, either. Hey, whatever makes Dreams sweeter works for the Friends. Tickets are $40; for more information call 314-655-5350 or e-mail
Sat., April 21