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Dreadful Yawns

8 p.m. Thursday, February 12.The Billiken Club, in the Busch Student Center on the campus of Saint Louis University, 20 North Grand Boulevard.



Since its 2003 debut, Cleveland's Dreadful Yawns has gone through oodles of members. It seems that every time frontman Ben Gmetro wants to take his rootsy band in a slightly different direction (a splash of psychedelic coloring here, a pinch of post-Parsons-Byrds twang there), he recruits a whole new group of musicians to help him get there. Gmetro's latest version of the Yawns includes Elizabeth Kelly, who shakes a mean tambourine and provides some sweet harmonies on last year's Take Shape, the band's fourth (and most plugged-in) album. Its best songs pile on fuzzbox guitars ("Queen and the Jokester"), slow things down to lullaby speed ("Catskill") and even rub against indie-rock conventions ("Kill Me Now"). Sounds like Gmetro finally found some Yawns that don't make him sleepy.