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10 p.m. Pop's, 1403 Mississippi Avenue, Sauget, Illinois.



The thought that often pops into a listener's head upon experiencing DragonForce for the first time is, "Are these guys for real?" The premise of the group is semi-ridiculous: epic, warp-speed tunes are infused with video-game-inspired keyboards, Dungeons & Dragons-esque lyrics and the sort of over-the-top shredding abilities that require a strict, social-interaction-limiting practice regimen. In other words, DragonForce is the sonic realization of a pimply, fourteen-year-old's mom's basement. But is the fantasy-speed-metal band serious? With last year's Ultra Beatdown, the band's fourth unrelenting album, DragonForce has answered that question with a resounding, fist-clenched "Yes!" sung high enough to make Geddy Lee sound like that dude from the Crash Test Dummies.