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Drag the River with Two Cow Garage and Trailer Park Travoltas

Saturday, December 3; Red Sea (6511 Delmar Boulevard, University City)

Modern Drunkard is a great magazine for the discerning alkie, a kind of Cigar Aficionado for hoosiers. But that publication isn't exactly available on every newsstand, so you'll have to settle for the song "Modern Drunkard" from Drag the River's Hey Buddies EP. A kind of cross-training anthem for your liver, the song warns that if the booze starts to wear on you, "just get tougher/No one said it was easy being a drunkard." Drinking advice doesn't get much more inspirational than from this guit-pickin', harmonzin' quintet, a band that sounds like it's based closer to Fort Sumter than to its Fort Collins, Colorado, home. Local twang-bangers Two Cow Garage and Trailer Park Travoltas share the stage.