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Doin' Donuts in Staunton


Anecdotal evidence suggests Staunton, Illinois, began its official existence as "Stanton." A pioneer named Stanton moved to the area (still very much wild Western frontier back then) in the 1800s and donated land to the village for its square. Far off in Washington, D.C., a clerk flubbed the spelling and -- voila -- Staunton with a "u" came into being. As it happens, there’s also a "u" in "donut"; you can see that Staunton and donuts were meant to be together. Every July for 25 years now that bond is reaffirmed with the Tour de Donut (starting in Fireman's Park, 900 Montgomery Street, Staunton, Illinois; 618-635-2233 or The big event runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and will attract over a thousand bicyclists from around our region. Your sweet payoff for all that pedaling is fresh donuts along the route, but you must register in advance through the website if you wanna ride and munch. Fees are $35 to $50. And just so you know, the city's Annual Rib Cook-Off takes place today as well, so come hungry.
Sat., July 13, 2013