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Do You Need or Want Plastic Surgery on Any Part?

Week of July 11, 2001


Alfreda Frazier
Public-Transportation Enthusiast
"No part, no way, because I think however the good Lord made me, that's how I'm gonna leave it."

Rob Fry
Service Technician, Westport Heating and Cooling
"If I was going to do anything, it'd be liposuction -- right in the middle, man. Get rid of that beer belly, and I wouldn't have to suck in my stomach while I'm around the girls."

Steve "The Bung" Unger
"Yes, a tongue extension. Enough said."

Ben Jones
Technical Consultant, Acumen Consulting
"I'd love to have plastic soles permanently affixed to my feet. It'd be handy not to have to switch between running shoes and street shoes and not have to worry about glass when I'm barefoot."

Lisa Lilly
Clarins Skin-Care Specialist, Famous-Barr
"I wouldn't turn down free liposuction. Maybe some cosmetic surgeon is looking for someone to practice on."

Heidi Wolfe
Sales, Streetside Records
"No. I feel like it's a fake representation of one's self, and I think there's more to people than just how they look. It's really who they are, and if they alter the way they look, that's not who they are. Besides, it could come out all wrong. You could come out of that operation looking like Michael Jackson.