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Dixie Witch

10 p.m. Friday, June 2. The Hi-Pointe (1001 McCausland Avenue)


With just bass, guitar and double kick-drum — oh, and vocals, not that lead singer and drummer Trinidad Leal conveys much beyond exhortations to rock your ass — Dixie Witch heaves rip-off-your-shirt-and-thrash anthems with lurching breaks that sound like skate-punk's sweaty answer to Molly Hatchet. If this Austin, Texas, band owes a sonic debt to Motörhead and Rob Zombie, they owe their souls to boogie-metal pioneers Blackfoot, even as that boogie fights for its life against the skull-crushing roar. This isn't the art-damaged, tempo-screwing metal Pitchfork dabbles in. This is the sound that launched a thousand stints in detention, a thousand neck tattoos and a thousand cases of tinnitus.