Disco and Atomic War (Disko ja tuumasoda)

Rated NR 80 minutes 2010

This witty, charming, and provocative film recounts how in the mid 1980's, the nation of Estonia still lay firmly in the grip of the Soviet Union, and the repressive authorities controlled virtually all aspects of Estonian life. The totalitarian government's power was derived in no small part from their ability to censor cultural life and keep Western culture on the other side of the border. Rock and Roll was but a rumor and the only television shows on the air were dreary propaganda. But one day everything changed. Just a few miles across the border in Finland, a huge new television antenna was built that broadcast western signals in all directions-including directly into the heart of the Talinn, the capital of Estonia.

Film Credits

Director: Jaak Kilmi

Writer: Jaak Kilmi and Kiur Aarma

Cast: Gerda Viira, Oskar Vuks, Toomas Pool, Jaan-Joosep Puusaag and Einar Kotka

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