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Dinner and a Show


Some activities are unapproachable. Rock climbing, for example, requires purchasing expensive gear and overcoming man's natural fear of falling to his death. Cycling, on the other hand, is like, well, riding a bike. Almost everyone has some experience, and whether it's been years since you rode on your neighbor's pegs, or you've never experienced the cushiony embrace of a banana seat, you can hop on that steel stallion and within minutes be as confident as if you were born in bike shorts. This explains part of cycling's wide appeal, and why so many find it's the best way to reduce their carbon footprint, evade climbing gas prices, get around and get in shape. Enter Dinner and Bikes, a tour celebrating healthy food and peddling. After a 4 p.m. happy hour, the festivities commence with a vegan meal from chef Joshua Ploeg, a lecture on bicycling economy from writer and blogger Elly Blu and a screening of short cycling films presented by publisher and filmmaker Joe Biel. A group discussion on local cycling issues and related volunteer opportunities will follow. The evening's festivities take place at the William A. Kerr Foundation (21 O'Fallon Street; 314-436-3325); tickets are $12 and include dinner and one complimentary drink. For more information, visit
Sun., May 6, 2012