Diarrhea Planet at Off Broadway March 26, 2015 

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Fresh from SXSW in Austin, Texas, Diarrhea Planet and Bruiser Queen rocked Off Broadway on March 26, 2015. They came back with energy and the crowd felt it. While crowd and band alike were headbanging with hair flying, the music filled the room and the green essences of Diarrhea Planet flowed. Bruiser Queen played first and selected a set list heavy on their new album, which has a more polished sound than previous efforts. Philadelphia's Left and Right were up second, and Diarrhea Planet closed the night with a cover of The Who's Baba O'Riley.

Photos by Micah Usher for the Riverfront Times.

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OF 32
Jordan Smith of Diarrhea Planet and his guitar face.
Bruiser Queen records!
Morgan, Ryan and Jason of Bruiser Queen recently returned to St. Louis from a tour, which included playing the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.
Morgan Nusbaum from Bruiser Queen taking over the stage.
Jason Potter of Bruiser Queen in his golden cape.
Morgan Nusbaum of Bruiser Queen channeling the moves from the hair metal days.
Jason Potter of Bruiser Queen rocking out in his cape.
Nick McClane and Jimmi Eames haging outside.
Becky Ramsey, Monica Mileur and Christy Luttenbacher having a laugh outside.
Diarrhea Planet's merchandise flowed uncontrollably to their fans.
Seth and Mo Algernon.
Amber Tegtmeier and Aaron Pittman.
Steve and Maggie Schuh high five over their friend Jeff Gibbs.
Philadelphia's Left and Right kept the music going at Off Broadway.
Left and Right.
Daniel Merchant of Left and Right showing off his guitar face.
Sarah Kochel, Jason and friend excited to see Diarrhea Planet.
CJ Becker and Chris Prod.
Charlie Herrick and Casey Faust.
Sarah and Nick.
Jerrod, Tina Flynn, Maggie Minten and Megan Berkery.
Diarrhea Planet bathed in glory.
Diarrhea Planet
The crowd at Diarrhea Planet.
Diarrhea Planet sees no evil.
Diarrhea Planet shredding back to back.
A cheerful Emmett Miller from Diarrhea Planet.
Diarrhea Planet
Diarrhea Planet rocking while the crowd dances.
Diarrhea Planet on their last song Teenage Wasteland while the crowd goes wild.
Hannah Caughlan and Casey Boyer.
John Nale and Jessica Leitch.
Jordan Smith of Diarrhea Planet and his guitar face.