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Design for a Change


Great Britain is always a step ahead of the old colonies. Whether it be music, film or fashion, our overseas cousin has the advantage. Enter the UK's Kate Fletcher, a proponent of her own self-described slow-fashion movement, who advocates thoughtful fashion design and wear. Concerned with disposable fashion and the horrific effects (have you ever thought about what thrift stores do with the clothes no one buys?) therein, Fletcher decided long ago to incorporate fabrics with longevity and use cleaning methods far less harmful than traditional detergents. And, although the phrase "eco-fashion" may bring images of hemp sacks and rope sandals to your mind, fear not. Fletcher's looks are impeccably chic and classic, demonstrating that it is possible to design wearable, highly desirable clothes that won't deplete the world of its resources. Her new book, Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change, co-authored with fellow eco-fashion designer Lynda Grose, will be the topic of her lecture at Washington University's Steinberg Auditorium (6465 Forsyth Boulevard). Main points of interest include proposed industry revisions, the effects of textiles from source to production and locally based principles. In conjunction with Washington University's Sam Fox School's Public Lecture series, Fletcher is a guest of Craft Alliance's YARN series, a limb of their Fashion Lab project. The talk, beginning at 6:30 p.m, is free and open to the public. For more details, call Craft Alliance at 314-725-1177 or visit
Wed., Sept. 19, 2012