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Jake's Leg guitarist Randy Furrer, former owner of Twenty North, has a new bar, Magee's, for his Dead-centric band


He's somewhat grateful and far from dead: Randy Furrer, Jake's Leg guitarist and former owner of Twenty North, has a new bar, located at Taylor and Clayton avenues, just east of Kingshighway Boulevard, behind the School for the Deaf. Furrer will keep the bar's name, Magee's, but will add "Twenty in Exile." Furrer's last gig at the Vandeventer venue will be Friday, Oct. 1. He'll be playing with the band Thursday and Friday, Aug. 12 and 13, at Twenty North, and the next two Saturdays at Magee's. After SLU president Larry Biondi made Furrer an offer he couldn't refuse, Furrer took the money and kept on, as they say, truckin.' "They finally reached a point where it was their final offer," says Furrer. "If I didn't take it, we were going to end up in court." And, by the way, Furrer "hates the way the bands are listed in the RFT." Thanks, Randy.