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De Novo Dahl

9 p.m. Wednesday, May 28. The Bluebird, 2706 Olive Street



With a name derived from the Latin phrase meaning "the new" and the last name of English author Roald Dahl (of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame), Nashville's De Novo Dahl immediately conjures youthful exuberance and swirling psychedelia. Unconventional approaches to live shows — the band once had a "spaghetti Western"-themed show complete with cowboy outfits and enough actual spaghetti to feed the entire audience — and an onstage uniform of colorful suits further this vibrant image. But don't get the idea that these young indie rockers are all shtick and no soul. "Shout" (from this year's Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound) comes on strong from the get-go, with its timelessly catchy gang-vocal hook and jittering drums. Whether De Novo Dahl slides into a heavy bass groove on the ultra-danceable "Shakedown" or rips through a garage rock stomp like "Be Your Man," the band always makes sure its music is fun.