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David Boesch: Flowering Frost

Just as the right set of atmospheric conditions can create fanciful piles of clouds that look more CGI than real, Mother Nature also works her fantasy magic closer to earth. Frost flowers, also known as "ribbon ice," are delicate peals of ice that form on the base of plants due to a combination of cold air, warm soil and the plant itself. David Boesch captures the phenomena in Flowering Frost, a series of photographs that document the unique beauty of each formation. Boesch's photographs are on display in the upper level of the Ridgway Center at the Missouri Botanical Garden (4344 Shaw Boulevard; 314-577-9400 or from Friday, September 17, through Sunday, November 21. Admission is free with regular garden admission ($4 to $8).
Sept. 17-Nov. 21, 2010