Dancing the Streets, 9/26/09 

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This is what happens when you put dancers from 50 local troupes in the middle of Grand Center. Photos by Steve Tuesdell.
OF 49
The Jolly Green stilt walker.
Bill "The Crutch Master" Shannon.
Break dancing in front of the Fox Theatre.
The promised surprise performance in front of the Fox Theatre was "Easin Down the Road" in flash mob-style.
The crowd cut loose after the performance in front of the Fox Theatre.
Audience members were encouraged to get on stage and bust a move.
The COCA dancers show off their biceps.
There was promising talent in the audience.
The Washington Avenue stage held a Michael Jackson dance-fest for all ages.
The Crutch Master Bill Shannon poses with some fans.
Tap dancers from Dance Incorporated Midwest.
The Saint Louis Ballet School Ensemble performs on the Washington Avenue stage.
The Midwest Dance Theatre in its pre-game huddle.
Dance move or creative fall?
COCA dancers perform on the Washington Avenue stage.
Tapping it out on the Fox Theatre stage.
Future dancers practice in the street.
Erika Gilfether of Duo Adamo checks with a fan before starting her aerial act.
"We love Grand Center."
Tiny dancers enjoying the day.
Taking refuge from the rain, and enjoying pretzels.
Indian dance on the Grandel stage.
Metro Dance performs.
COCA dancers.
Duo Adamo performing.
The leaping ladies of Midwest Dance Theatre.
Dancers with the Midwest Dance Theatre.
D'awwwww. Little dancers from Lucille Rapp of Kirkwood in their "Good Ship Lollipop" outfits.
Over by the Grand stage, the crowd boogied to live music to the end of the night.
The Jolly Green stilt walker.