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Dance Mix

(Mixed salad, perhaps)


Trust Ms. Day on this one: Learning to dance is extremely difficult. What with the language barrier (ballet is all in French), flexibility issues and coordination/balance problems, it's a wonder anyone ever gets beyond her first plié. But Summer Beasley, Beckah Voigt, Dawn Karlovsky, Alice Bloch and Mary Ann Rund all did, and these dancers show off their stuff while you stuff your face. Yep, that's what the Dine on Dance performances are all about — well, that and bringing an appreciation of dance to the masses. These midday contemporary dance concerts, presented by ANNONYArts, are accompanied by live music, and they happen on Friday at noon (September 22 and 29) at different outdoor locations: the Market in the Loop (6655 Delmar Boulevard, University City) on the 22nd and Station Plaza (100 South Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood) on the 29th. The performances are free, so go ahead and bring your lunch and enjoy yourself. After all, it's not every day that you get to take in a gratis show. For more information about Dine on Dance, call 314-721-0052.
Fri., Sept. 22; Fri., Sept. 29