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Dance Knows No Bounds


We write about dance often in these pages, but it isn't too frequent that we have an opportunity to highlight a classical Indian dance performance. Kiran Rajagopalan, who was born in St. Louis, returns to our fair city to present a Bharatanatyam recital. This style of dance compares about as much to belly dancing as, say, ballet compares to modern dancing; that is, each of the former styles are far more precise and technical (and not really even in the same family of dance). Bharatanatyam features fancy footwork and strict choreography, and Rajagopalan is garnering attention all over the world for his talent in the form. To welcome him back, get to the Mahatma Gandhi Cultural Center (717 Weidman Road, Ballwin) at 8 p.m. for the concert. Tickets cost $10.
Fri., May 1, 2009