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Czech Yourself


Spring has sprung, and absolutely nothing could enhance the beauty of the season more than a plateful of roast pork, goulash and sauerkraut. That's right: It's time again for the Czech Festival. The annual fundraiser for the American Czech Educational Center features the happy-feet music of the Button Box Accordion Band and the St. Louis Czech Express, room to polka and waltz as the mood takes you, and enough goulash to possibly sate even Mr. Night. Although that's doubtful. Perhaps a fine, imported Czech beer or four will allow you to be led in a docile manner through the Czech Boutique of handiwork, jewelry and crystal objects without much complaining. Gentlemen, gentlemen — let the ladies walk you where they will. Burn off a few calories this way, and she's sure to let you go back to Goulash Central for more of those little dumplings. Laugh and love and eat like there's no tomorrow. The Czech Festival takes place at the American Czech Educational Center (4690 Lansdowne Avenue; 314-752-8168). Admission is free, food is served from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and there is no such thing as too much sauerkraut.
Sat., April 8