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Cute Overload


Everything is cuter when rabbits are involved. With their wiggly noses, soft earses and fluffy tails, it's hard not to think they are the cutest wittle things you've ever seen. Max and Ruby — from Rosemary Wells' books and from the TV show named after them — are no exceptions. These brother-and-sister bunnies are coming to town to help us learn about cooperation and appreciation — perfect precious lessons for the season! During their musical, Max & Ruby, Ruby wants to show Grandma some love by putting on a costumed play in a castle. Max, who's only three, doesn't provide much help, so his sister enlists the Bunny Scouts. But will they be able to pull off the spectacular pageant? Head over to the Florissant Civic Center Theatre (Parker Road and Waterford Drive, Florissant; 314-921-5678 or to find out. Max & Ruby is staged at 2 p.m. on Friday and Saturday (November 23 and 24), and tickets cost $5.25.
Nov. 23-24, 2007