Crue Fest at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, St. Louis, 7/20/08 

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The crowd for Motley Crue has always been a salty slice of humanity. Sunday's Crue show -- which also included openers Buckcherry, Papa Roach and Sixx A.M. -- proved once again that Crue fans know how to turn a parking lot into a bitchin' party.
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OF 27
Warming up the metal horns.
Vince Neil of Motley Crue.
These ladies had no tickets. Bet they got in anyway.
Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue.
3:47 p.m.: The County's Finest. Killing the buzz before it begins.
Rock 'n' Roll is a family affair.
Aggressive single dudes.
Concert Tee? Check. Hip shades? Check.
Fashion Do: Wear huge boots to a Motley Crue show.
I'm hoping to meet Tommy.
Motley Crue.
Hers and Hers Crue Me shirts. Thanks Dad!
My boyfriend is a wuss and says it's too hot to drink outside the car.
Sadly, he was at his fourth Cruefest and still hoping to meet Tommy's 10 inch.
Motley Crue.
3:38 p.m.: The Dads have started drinking.
Motley Crue
Junior wanted to see a Circus. So Dad brought him to Cruefest
The shirt says it all.
That was awesome! Will you do me again after the show?
Chesterfield was in the house, the fuckin' house.
Papa Roach
Motley Crue.
Warming up the metal horns.