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Crash course: Governor Nixon puts the brakes on the Tour of Missouri; a hazy lawsuit is filed

DAILY RFT, MAY 25, 2010
Makes perfect sense: He said he spilled something on the coke, and that's why he had to replace it ["Winfield Cop Busted Buying Cocaine; Claims He Was Replacing Damaged Police Evidence," Chad Garrison]. A better excuse would have been to say that he fell face first into it. That way when he tests positive, he can keep with his story.
Dominic, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 21, 2010
Union members don't: It isn't just carpenters, and it isn't just St. Louis ["St. Louis Union Construction Workers Too Lazy and Costly, Says Head of Union," Chad Garrison]. The union at my firm went on strike awhile back. During the strike, union positions were filled with temporary workers recruited from the engineering ranks. Productivity soared, doubling across the board and even quintupling in some departments. Quality improved, the rework rate dropped, and the accident rate plummeted. In many cases, the engineers were able to carry on a significant fraction of their normal work duties and still managed to outproduce the union workforce. So, popular or not, Mr. Nelson is absolutely right.
Sum Ergo Edo, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 20, 2010
It's all about the money: So are all the other thousands upon thousands of haunted-house visitors also suing for all their vegetative states ["Mother Sues Soulard Haunted House; Claims Daughter Poisoned by Artificial Fog," Chad Garrison]? Oh, wait, this is the only case? It's a shame that the mom sees dollar signs, for I'm sure the lawyers contacted her, and she couldn't resist the potential profits off her daughter's accident.
D 56, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 19, 2010
Missouri doesn't deserve tour: If the Tour of Missouri is cancelled this year, it more than likely will not come back ["Nixon-Kinder 'Grudge Match' May Derail Tour of Missouri," Ellis E. Conklin]. Despite what Jay Nixon says, this is all about politics and nothing about the budget. Jay is incredibly close-minded and juvenile about this. Because Jay will not support the Tour of Missouri and turns a deaf ear to the thousands of supporters, I suggest that voters in Missouri get a hold of his campaign's donor list. Since most of those people are businessmen and -women, why not turn some of the phone calls you have been making to the governor's office to the campaign donors? He is already losing a lot of votes for 2012; perhaps his money will dry up as well. At any rate — I'm sorry to say — maybe a state like Colorado is more deserving of this awesome event, because they will surely support it.
Gary, via the Internet

Smarten up: The government and tourism need to put their stupidity behind them and do the right, smart thing: continue to build on the success of this race, which has been growing larger each year. I make the trip from Wisconsin each year and spend lots of money in the host cities. They just don't want to put forward the dollars and because why? Might as well shut down the Arch and say it's just a bunch of steel. Nonsensical!
TimC, Racine, Wisconsin, via the Internet

Pro-tour candidate could go all the way: Nixon clearly must not think outstate Missouri supports this. He knows he can piss off St. Louis and Kansas City because they won't vote for Peter Kinder. The real political question is this: Will a true moderate who supports our state's urban areas — the economic drivers of the state — and no-brainer economic winners like Tour of Missouri emerge in the next election? I don't think it really matters which ticket he or she runs on. I believe a candidate like this could emerge victorious.
Nate Forst, via the Internet

Anybody but Nixon: I'm not a Republican, but I, for one, will vote against Jay Nixon in the next election. Anyone who makes such a boneheaded decision out of political spite doesn't deserve my vote. An idiot is an idiot, and it doesn't matter what letter comes after his name.
Welp, via the Internet

Tour is a joke: It raises a big zero in state tax dollars. You have to be a moron to believe a statewide bike race raises anything. Now, if you concentrated the race in one area over multiple days where spectators would have to rent rooms, go to dinner and so on, rather than just show up for the day, it might be worth it.
Joe, via the Internet

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