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Friday, June 10; Pop's (1403 Mississippi Avenue, Sauget, Illinois)


A good falsetto is hard to comes by, my friends. For every Thom Yorke, Jeff Buckley or St. Bono the Benevolent there are countless Jordan Knights, bodysuited frontdudes from the Darkness and American Idol hopefuls shattering wine glasses all across this great nation of ours. Lucky for Copeland, vocalist/ivory-tickler Aaron Marsh's particular vox doesn't fall in that latter category.

The Lakeland, Florida, natives are a little subdued to be considered pop, overly ambient for the indie crowd and a smidge too emo for contemporary lite rock. (Oddly, they're even classified as "Jazz" on a Cleveland venue's Web site promoting a CMJ Music Festival show later this week). Think a less-earnest Dashboard Confessional with superior harmonies and an understated keyboard instead of an acoustic guitar. Then again, Copeland also released a 2004 EP featuring covers of Billy Joel, Carly Simon, Phil Collins, Berlin and Stevie Wonder chart-toppers called Know Nothing Stays the Same. So don't be surprised if drummer Jon Bucklew, guitarist Bryan Laurenson and bassist James Likeness pull "Take My Breath Away" out of their motley repertoire and Marsh's impressive octave jumps do, you know, exactly that.

Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12; call 618-274-6720 for more information.