Comic Book Burlesque at the Fox Hole 

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Uncanny Dandies: A Comic Strip, premiered on May 28, 2010 at the Fox Hole, exposing comic books' dirty little secret: the unspoken desires toward our beloved superheroes. The Randy Dandies, a comedic burlesque troupe, put on the original show. Photos by Crystal Rolfe.
OF 23
Vie En Rosa, a pickup artist.
Mimi Le Yu onstage as Harley Quinn.
Mimi Le Yu, backstage getting ready for the show.
Oh no....Wonder Woman is in trouble!!
Sonia Zuroweste Wagner and her Incredible Hulk.
The Amazing Leef as The Ghost Rider.
Roxy Red Rockets as Red Sonya.
The Randy Dandies burlesque gang.
Swifty Deeds as Randy Dandy.
A full house at the Fox Hole!
Naughty Bits, a "Pickup Artist."
Otto, the Human Ostrich and Tarot the Sword Swallower.
Mimi Le Yu as Harley Quinn.
Molotov of "STLRF."
Tarot  and her amazing sword swallowing act.
Leef as the Ghost Rider.
Narvel is defeated!
Otto, the Human Ostrich.
Narvel P. Tuffnuts the warrior!
The Incredible Hulk!
Mimi Le Yu isn't finished with you yet!
Jack Deuce of the Randy Dandies.
The banner for the show, designed by local artist Tom Huck.
Vie En Rosa, a pickup artist.