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Clowded House


You can always spot cat people. Stray hairs on their slacks are a dead giveaway. And sure, non-cat people are quick to judge those who live with cats as weirdos or "cat ladies," which is synonymous with "crazy spinster." But cat people don't mind a few hairs on the sweater or some claw marks on the easy chair or a few misguided insults. Cat people are laid-back about that stuff, because once you've stepped bare-footed on a dead mouse or plucked a desiccated turd out from behind the radiator, it's all small potatoes. And that casual acceptance of life's little nuisances is the gift cats give to their people; that, and the toys hidden in shoes. Cat people are hereby summoned to attend Furball 2008: Sweetheart Dance, a benefit for the Clowder House cat sanctuary. The Clowder House provides a home for cats whose people are no longer able to care for their furry companions; it's a no-kill shelter that adopts out the adoptable, and loves the lonely until the end of days. Furball features old-fashioned fun in the form of a cakewalk, live music by Swing Set and a prize for the best '40/'50s vintage costume. So go hepcat, or wear your best Persian skirt — and don't worry if it has some hair on it — and dance from 7:30 to 11 p.m. at St. Wenceslaus Parish Hall (3022 Oregon Avenue; 314-776-7877 or Tickets are $20 to $25 and include appetizers and drinks.
Sat., Feb. 9, 2008