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City on the Edge of Forever


Iain Fraser deals in ambiguities made of very tangible materials: Steel, concrete and wood are the structural elements of his art, but his sculptures, what he calls "constructs," are vague in definition. Are they abstract models of skyscrapers? Brusque miniatures of an imagined cityscape? Despite their sturdy elemental structure, Fraser's constructs seem pinned forever on the edge of being something — an optimistic model for a new city, or the skeletal remnant of an old building. Thoughts, hints, inklings and possibilities, frozen in steel and glass; this is what Iain Fraser's new show, Protoplaces, promises and delivers. Protoplaces is on display at the Millstone Gallery at the Center of Creative Arts (524 Trinity Avenue, University City; 314-725-1834 or daily through Sunday, February 24; admission is free.
Jan. 11-Feb. 24, 2008