Rated R 87 minutes 2008

A man dies very unexpectedly and leaves behind two men: Jeff, his best friend and Andrea, an Italian he's been corresponding with online. Jeff informs Andrea of Mark's passing; Andrea writes back to express his shock and sympathies. On a whim, they continue their correspondence and a rapport grows between them. They eventually meet, where they extend their e-mail exchanges into more personal and intimate conversations. They talk about their respective countries, their jobs, their families, their lives. Mostly, they talk about Mark. What began as a tragedy that linked two strangers from different ends of the world becomes a deeply realized friendship that may change their lives forever.

Film Credits

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Director: Yen Tan

Writer: Alessandro Calza and Yen Tan

Producer: Michael Ray

Cast: Adam Neal Smith, Alessandro Calza, Ethel Lung, Chuck Blaum, John S. Boles, Margaret Lake, Tiffany Vollmer, Myrtle Andrews, Brian Cannon and Steve M. Clark


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