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Check Out the New Student Body


For as long as mankind has had an arousal instinct, he has wondered, “Where are all these burlesque performers coming from? Are they naturally occurring, like the Grand Tetons, or are they manufactured by a benevolent deity in a workshop far too sexy for man’s brain to imagine?” The answer is, of course, that burlesque performers are stars, and that they spontaneously generate from masses of hot stuff and willpower -- and a little helping hand from Lola Van Ella and the VanElla Studios faculty. The region’s premier teaching institute for the burlesque arts has graduated another class of neophyte performers, and you can enjoy their first performance tonight at the VanElla Studio Showcase at 9 p.m. at Off Broadway (3509 Lemp Avenue; Newcomers Bettie la Bootie, Faith McQueen, Viv Vacious and others will show you what they got, and beloved instructors Gogo McGregor, Foxy la Feelion and her rumpness herself, Lola Van Ella, will also perform. Admission is $15 to $18.
Sat., April 9, 2011