Charles Band�s Full Moon Horror Road Show at Off Broadway, June 6, St. Louis 

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Charles Band, the man involved with such films as Decadent Evil (and Decadent Evil II), the Puppet Master series, The Best of Sex and Violence, Robot Holocaust, Beach Babes From Beyond, Shrunken Heads and Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, and dozens more, brought his traveling show to Off Broadway Friday night. See these photos by Nichole Torpea.
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Charles Band’s Full Moon Horror Road Show was held on June 6, at Off Broadway in South City. St. Louis was the fourth stop on a 12-city tour.
A line of people anxiously waited for their turn to enter.
Upon entering, attendees could enter their name in a drawing to win some free merchandise.
Models of Charles Band’s most popular characters were on display at the beginning of the night. They were later auctioned to the audience.
Various DVD box sets ranging from $50-$100 were big sellers of the night.
6 If you couldn’t afford to break the bank, single DVDs were also on sale for $10, like this cinematic gem, Evil Bong
With all that money you saved, why not buy the star of the movie?
Off Broadway’s usual concert layout was changed with rows of seating to accommodate the one man show performance.
A projection screen was erected to accompany Band during his show.
Here, a montage of his cult favorites were shown as the audience applaud their favorites.
Band’s act was part storytelling, part stand-up comedy. He spoke of his time on the road, the actors in his films before they were famous and impersonations of Gary Busey, the star of his "hit" movie, The Gingerdead Man.
Two local girls were chosen prior to the show to assist Band throughout the night. They were known as the “Poontang Girls,” taken from Band’s upcoming movie, King Bong and the Poontang Tribe. When asked if they knew what “poontang” meant the girls replied, “Popular?”
At a random turn in the night, Band showed a clip of his son Alex’s band, The Calling, on The Tonight Show.
A the show's midpoint, an auction was held to sell replicas of Charles Band’s creations.
The audience’s bids ranged from $50 to $205.
During the last act of the show, Band put together an improvisational performance with audience participants. The title was chosen by drawing random words out of a coffin. The winner? “Revenge of the Zombie Cheerleaders!”
The zombie cheerleaders (left and center) and our hero (right)!
As Band asked each of the ladies if they would feel comfortable exposing their chest for the sake of the performance, a man yelled out, “Show us your boobies!” It turns out it the breast enthusiast was none other than the husband of Brandy (middle).
The “Boner-O-Meter” gauged the audience applause for each participant. In the end, all the girls were chosen as the "innocent victims."
Getting into character.
Attack of the zombie cheerleader!
After the show, fans lined up to buy merchandise and meet the director/producer.
Retired Postal Service worker and long time Charles Band fan Danny Roberts bought over 22 DVDs! If you spent over $120 your name will appear as "Executive Producer" on the credits of Band’s next movie.
Songwriter Robert Collins and girlfriend Stephanie Fitzpatrick collectively spent over $350 during the auction.
Fans could get photos with Band…
...Or have their memorabilia signed…
...And even their flesh!
Charles Band’s Full Moon Horror Road Show was held on June 6, at Off Broadway in South City. St. Louis was the fourth stop on a 12-city tour.