Rated R 109 minutes 1996

When a young drifter, Nick, touches down in a Jersey City fish shop owned by a married couple, Joe and Betty, they open up their hearts and home. They give him a job as well as the bedroom which was once occupied by Danny, their grown son who is trying his luck in Hollywood. In return, Nick sparks the thirst for life that has long been dormant in their marriage. For Joe, Nick becomes the son he always wanted, a trusted companion with an enthusiasm for the fish business that rivals his own. To Betty, Nick provides the attention and appreciation she hasn''t received from her husband in years. This arrangement takes a perilous turn when--despite their efforts to suppress their mutual attraction--Nick and Betty become lovers. This volatile situation is brought to a head by the unexpected arrival of Danny, who is angered to discover another young man seemingly taking his place in the family.

Film Credits

Director: Robert M. Young

Cast: Arie Verveen, Edward James Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonzo

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