Cat City

Rated NR 100 minutes

A tale of infidelity, deceit, greed, and murder. Nick Compton, a Palm Springs real estate developer, cheats on his attorney wife, Victoria, with her law partner, Samantha. In fact, Nick and Samantha share more than their bodies. They have skimmed the investors in a Cathedral City casino project of millions of dollars. Double-crosses begin when a crooked congressman gives them only a pittance of what they expected. Mysterious stranger, Jonas, arrives in town and burrows himself into the lives of the Compton's, particularly, into the intimate life of Victoria. Treachery explodes as Samantha is murdered, and Nick is arrested for the crime. He blames Jonas, who they learn is a bilked investor, out for revenge. Did Jonas take the money? Apparently not, for Harold (Victoria's private detective) shoots Jonas just as he is about to kill Victoria, in a frenzied attempt to regain his investment. Who has the money? Who killed Samantha? To where does Victoria disappear? Harold, assists Victoria in learning the facts. It's up to Harold to end this sordid affair.

Film Credits

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Director: Brent Huff

Writer: Brent Huff and William Shockley

Producer: Patrick Stack

Cast: Julian Sands, Brian Dennehy, Rebecca Pidgeon, Alano Massi, Shawn Huff, Marco Sanchez, Nick Jameson, Janna Beth Van Heertum, Becky Boxer and William Shockley

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