Rated PG 100 minutes

El Molcajete, a traditional Mexican food restaurant, downtown Mexico City, is owned by Maria's grandmother, Tere, but run by chef Rosi. After her daughter's death , Tere lost her passion for cooking and stopped working at El Molcajete. Therefore, Maria does everthing to make her go back to the restaurant. Meanwhile, chef Rosi has introduced new dishes to the menu, trying to make it a light trendy cuisine. But neither Maria nor Tere will accept that the traditional flavours, ingredients and cooking secrets fall into oblivion.

Film Credits

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Director: Jordi Mariscal

Writer: Jordi Mariscal and Marilu Acosta

Producer: Yvette Gurza

Cast: Ana Martin, Isabel Yudice, Norma Angelica, Monica Dionne, Carlos Cobos, Gabriela Canudas and Johanna Murillo

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