Camel Caravan

Rated NR 96 minutes

The film "camel caravan" tells a story about camel men lived in the east of Xinjing during the period of the republic of China. Master Ge is a famous local camel man. besides, His the youngest apprentice Er Ga liked his daughter . but, Master Ge has already betrothed his daughter Hong to Businessman-boss Bai, who's his old friend, in return to the boss Bai's help and support before. Even though the situation was much troubled with the block and hunting from Hami government , Er Ga and Hong ,who had been betrothed to the boss Bai ,still loved each other and never gave up. the team is not only facing bad environment, but must deal with hami government fast gun team block and hunting.Eventually, This two brave guys have still deliver the goods to Hei Chengzi although Master Ge's team was beaten by the gunslingers. The sufferings made the two children get to know so much about the real life .finally, they decided to make a living by their own and live together forever.

Film Credits

Director: Gao Feng

Cast: Liu Xiaoning, Chen Xu-zhu, Zhang Yu-long and An Qi-hu

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