Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, (2005) The

Rated NR 76 minutes

In the unsuspecting hamlet of Holstenwall, Germany, the time has come again for the town's annual fair. When Francis and his best friend Alan attend the festivities, they are led into an exhibition that will change their lives forever. The sinister hypnotist, Dr. Caligari, is the keeper of a clairvoyant sleepwalker who wakes from his endless night to predict Alan's terrifying future. When Holstenwall suffers a series of murders, Francis takes the investigation into his own hands. What he doesn't know yet is that the only way to save his fiancé Jane from the same grim fate is to discover the secret of the cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Film Credits

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Director: David Lee Fisher

Writer: David Lee Fisher & Hans Janowitz

Producer: Paula Elins

Cast: Judson Pearce Morgan, Daamen J. Krall, Doug Jones, Lauren Birkell, Neil Hopkins, William Gregory Lee, Randy Mulkey, Time Winters, Richard Herd and Scott Lincoln

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