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Truth is stranger than science fiction


With eclectic programming like “Fantastic Voyage ’08," “Rock Guitar in 11 Dimensions” and “The Science of Baseball,” SciFest 08 proves that today’s science fact is every bit as captivating as yesterday’s science fiction. Hosted by the Saint Louis Science Center (5050 Oakland Avenue), the five-day-long celebration features films, seminars, lectures and hands-on demonstrations designed to get regular people excited about science. Visitors can design each day around their own interests by picking and choosing which of the hourlong programs (most cost $5 to $6) they will attend. From cutting-edge theories (“Cars for the Future”) to eternal interests (“The Science of Beer”), SciFest 08 has something for everyone. And in addition to the ticketed events, a variety of free demonstrations, experiments and activities are also scheduled throughout the fest. SciFest takes place Thursday through Monday (October 9 through 13). For a full schedule and more information, visit or call 314-286-4607.
Oct. 9-13, 2008