Butt Heads (St. Charles) 

Patti York, Mayor BUTT HEAD
(Council 1) Richard Veit YS NS        
(2) Larry Muench1 N S   2-3 cigars a week    
(3) Laurie Feldman2 N S <1 Marlboro Lights 40 >1
(4) Bob Kneemiller BUTT HEAD
(5) Michael Weller BUTT HEAD
(6) Jerry Reese3 N NS        
(7) Dave Beckering BUTT HEAD
(8) Mike Klinghammer BUTT HEAD
(9) Ron Stivison NS Q 1 "It was 30 years ago!" 10 1
(10) Erv Ermeling4 U Q 2 Raleigh 20 1
1We make $15 million a year off Ameristar Casino, and if we did a smoking ban, we'd lose $2 million of that. I'm crazy about personal rights, too. They're starting to take away every friggin' right we have — it's ridiculous.
2I smoke two or three cigarettes a day. I've quit several times. I believe when you have an issue that affects your entire community, like with fireworks sales, it should go to a vote of the people.
3I think [a ban] kind of infringes on people's rights.
4I'm not for smoking in restaurants, but with bars it's tough. Statewide would be the best.
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Larry Muench, St. Charles councilman, Ward 2 I own a tobacco shop. My father-in-law was downtown for 50 years. He died last year. Tobacco has been in my wife's family for 92 years. I smoke cigars. I don't smoke in public. I smoke on my deck [while] barbecuing or something!
Erv Ermeling, St. Charles councilman, Ward 10 I quit when I lost a bet with my daughter. She was playing soccer and I said if she got a hat trick I'd quit smoking. And with twenty seconds left in a game, she got her third goal. She ran, jumped up to the glass and told me to put it out. I put it out and I haven't had one since. I was ready to quit, but don't get me wrong: I carried the same pack of cigarettes around with me for over two weeks. I had to wear two-pocketed shirts. I always reached with my right hand into the left pocket [for cigarettes], so I put them in the other pocket and put gum in the left pocket. To this day my daughter still has that last pack of cigarettes, and it's just brittle as all heck now.