Butt Heads (MO House) 

(District 12) Doug Funderburk (St. Charles County) BUTT HEAD
(13) Chuck Gatschenberger (St. Charles County)1 Y Q 2 Salem >15 4
(14) Joe Smith (St. Charles County)2 N NS        
(15) Sally Faith (St. Charles County)3 Y NS        
(16) Mark Parkinson (St. Charles County) BUTT HEAD
(17) Kenny Biermann (St. Charles County)4 N NS        
(18) Anne Zerr (St. Charles County) BUTT HEAD
(19) Cynthia Davis (St. Charles County) BUTT HEAD
(57) Talibdin El-Amin (St. Louis)5 U NS        
(58) James Morris (St. Louis) BUTT HEAD
(59) Jeanette Oxford (St. Louis)6 Y Q 0.5-2.5 Merit Menthol 10 5
(60) Jamilah Nasheed (St. Louis)7 U Q <1 Kool 2 1
(61) Chris Carter (St. Louis) BUTT HEAD
(63) Tishaura Jones (St. Louis) BUTT HEAD
(64) Rachel Storch (St. Louis) Y NS        
(65) Michele Kratky (St. Louis) N S 0.5-1 Eve Menthol Lights 35 3
(66) Michael Vogt (St. Louis)8 Y S 1 Salem 25  
(67) Mike Colona (St. Louis) BUTT HEAD
(69) Gina Walsh (St. Louis County)9 N Q >2 "I don't remember" >25 2
(70) Sharon Pace (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(71) Don Calloway (St. Louis County)10 U NS   1 cigar a month    
(72) Maria Chappelle-Nadal (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(73) Steve Brown (St. Louis County)11 Y S   1 cigar a week    
(74) Steve Webb (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(75) Bert Atkins (St. Louis County) Y NS        
(76) Michael Spreng (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(77) Michael Corcoran (St. Louis County)12 Y NS        
(78) Margo McNeil (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(79) Albert Liese (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(80) Theodore Hoskins (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(81) Rochelle Walton Gray (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(82) Jill Schupp (St. Louis County) Y Q 1 Kool 20 1
(83) Jake Zimmerman (St. Louis County)13 Y NS        
(84) Allen Icet (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(85) Vicki Englund (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(86) Cole McNary (St. Louis County)14 N NS        
(87) John Diehl (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(88) Andrew Koenig (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(89) Timothy Jones (St. Louis County) cnr          
(91) Jeanne Kirkton (St. Louis County)15 Y Q 1 Winston 19 4
(92) Sue Allen (St. Louis County) cnr          
(93) Dwight Scharnhorst (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(94) Rick Stream (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(95) Mike Leara (St. Louis County) cnr          
(96) Patricia Yaeger (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(97) Walt Bivins (St. Louis County)16 Y NS        
(100) Sue Schoemehl (St. Louis County) BUTT HEAD
(108) Jacob Hummel (St. Louis) BUTT HEAD
1I used to run restaurants, so I had two packs a day. I quit because I got a real bad cold, and I kept smoking, and I just shut down. It was kind of a forced thing.
2All these cities have been calling us, telling us to ban smoking because they do not want to do it. We make tough choices every day. Why can't they take care of this local issue? I don't think the state needs to get involved. I'm like: Why don't you do it?
3We've talked about a ban for such a long time.
4My wife smokes, and it doesn't really bother me.
5I have to weigh the economic impact with the health issue.
6We share the air, and any workplace, including bars, restaurants and casinos, subjecting the workers there to breathing over 200 poisons and close to 70 carcinogens throughout their work shift is not something we should be doing to a person.
7It's a sad way to get money, but the tobacco tax is a huge part of revenue for the state. I just don't know how it would affect the state economy if we went smoke-free.
8I would support it only if it was for everybody, everywhere, with no exceptions.
9I just think people have the right to smoke, just like people have the right not to smoke.
10I would give it serious consideration.
11Smoking adds an enormous amount of healthcare costs to the state. And I think as a result, the state has the responsibility to limit it. As a moderate, I would like to see some exceptions and protections for certain types of places.
12I'll be honest, I've gone back and forth on this issue. I'd hate to cripple the small little bars out of business. At the same time, I probably would support it for any place that served food. It's the way of the future.
13I just don't think there is any serious meaningful objection to be made to a ban. So many states have done it successfully. I think Missouri's time will come one of these days.
14I regard it as a private matter. I say let private owners determine what the rules in their buildings should be. I'll grant that there are health issues associated with smoking, but mostly, it's a smelly habit.
15I cringe to think of the damage that my secondhand smoke has done to people that I care about very deeply.
16I would support a ban, but I recognize that it is going to be a tough thing to get passed in the Missouri legislature. It is a very Libertarian-minded legislature.
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Michael Vogt, state representative, 66th District (St. Louis) I can tell you about a bar in San Francisco where you can smoke, because the police smoke in there. It's in North Beach. That's where a lot of police officers hang out, and nobody cares. And I know a bar in Illinois you can smoke in, too, but I'm not going to tell you where that one is. It's a little small-town bar we were at one day. The bartender says, "Oh you can smoke in here, we don't care," and she pulls an ashtray from behind the bar and there were like two or three butts already in it. So I guess you could conceivably have a ban and still run into that. I mean if we have a ban, are we going to have smoke police? I don't think that'll happen.
Gina Walsh, state representative, 69th District (St. Louis County) I was a big-time smoker. I wanted to quit because I lost my husband in 2006, and I didn't want to leave my kids without a parent. He passed away in April '06 and I quit in August '07. I was scared. If I knew I could pick up a cigarette today and wouldn't have any health effects, I'd do it. But I can't breathe now if I'm in an enclosed area with smoke. I think everybody who wants to smoke should go and buy [the smoking-cessation medication] Chantix because it works miracles.