Butt Heads (Jennings) 

Benjamin Sutphin, Mayor1 N S <1 Marlboro Lights 40 1
(Council 1) Yolonda Fountain-Henderson cnr          
(1) Allan D. Stichnote BUTT HEAD
(2) Yolanda Austin BUTT HEAD
(2) Herman Barnes BUTT HEAD
(3) Dennis Campbell2 Y Q <1 Marlboro 6 >1
(3) David Schmerber3 US NS        
(4) Rodney Epps4 N NS        
(4) Anthony Harris Sr. cnr          
1It's a dumb, expensive, wasteful habit.
2I'd want to see the language of the ban. I'd be probably 80 percent inclined to vote yes.
3I probably would, but I'd like to think I'd be open-minded if it came up.
4It's kind of crazy to me that you can be in an establishment and get drunk and come out and cause all kinds of havoc, but you can't smoke in that same establishment. That's ridiculous. If I felt it was really about people's health, I would do something about it.
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n/c: No comment
Benjamin Sutphin, Jennings mayor At one time city hall was smoke-free except for my office. And then everybody seemed to come in here and smoke when I wasn't here, and other people were complaining about it. I thought: There's one way to eliminate this. So since 4/28 of this year, all of city hall is smoke-free, as are the police station and the public-works building. If I want to smoke a cigarette, I can go outside.
David Schmerber, Jennings councilman, District 3 I'm the youngest of four boys. All three of my brothers have passed, and all three of them smoked. Now, I don't know if subconsciously I associated that with early death, but my dad and two brothers died at the age of 54 and my oldest brother died at the age of 65. I've outlived all of them. I'm 65. I'd like to think that if they didn't smoke they'd still be around and we'd still be enjoying them, but I can't say that for sure.
Rodney Epps, Jennings councilman, District 4 My wife and I own a barbershop. We don't smoke. Smoke doesn't bother me. My chair is at one end of the shop, her chair is on the other. On her end there's no smoking. My end, I don't care what you do as long as you respect me.