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Buses, Bikes and Boots


For the numerous slams made against our city -- high crime, poor education, dangerous levels of Provel consumption – one critique stings worse than many others: we are a car-centric city. Those intrepid souls who rely solely on public transit, a trusty bike or their own two feet are a rare and respected species. But thanks to the good people at Trailnet, the advocacy group that promotes walking, biking and healthy living in the bi-state region, it's becoming easier to navigate our city on two feet or two wheels. The Trailnet on Tap series aims for community building and education in a comfortable atmosphere, and this month the group will meet at Llywelyn's Pub (4747 McPherson Avenue; 314-361-3003) for a discussion on Multimodal Travel led by Metro's Courtney Sloger. She will extoll the virtues of using Metro in congress with your bikes, and while you’re there, partake of the pub's many draft beers and its house-made chips. Don't worry -- you can burn off the calories on the bike ride home.
Tue., Feb. 28, 2012