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Old Country Buffet

You might feel as if you've landed in Mayberry RFD. Kids pay according to age, and each location features at least two soups a day; 20 salad toppings; a half-dozen hot entrée choices, an dessert bar and an ice-cream machine. How many items are there altogether? "I never counted -- probably 100," says one honest employee with a shrug. "But the menu literally changes from lunch to dinner."

1. Old Country Buffet
2. Ryan's Family Steak House
3. Sweet Tomato
4. House of India
4. Harrah's Riverport Casino (Town Square Buffet) 6. Happy China
7. Ponderosa
7. Souper Salad
9. Emperor's Wok
10. First Wok Buffet
10. Joy Luck Buffet
10. Mongolian BBQ Buffet