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Breather Resist with Cult of Luna

Monday, May 23; Creepy Crawl (412 North Tucker Street)


Breather Resist is an atypical hardcore quartet that writes scorching songs about broken homes and bastard troubles. The band's sound could be viewed as a collision between the pulverizing force of the Jesus Lizard, the frenzied math fury of Coalesce and the tortured nocturnal confessionals of Hoover, but that still wouldn't give you the whole picture. Guitarist Evan Patterson, when not dropping TNT riffs, hangs back and seethes some gripping atmospherics that push their songs over the brink. The rest of the band is no less compelling, be it in their tight rhythms or their smart, honest and devilishly charming lyrics. Breather Resist may wear their influences on their sleeves (they even swiped their moniker from a Hoover song title), but they are loudly carving their own niche with their unconventional hardcore anthems. Bring earplugs!

Appearing with Breather Resist is Swedish unit Cult of Luna. Why is it that the Scandinavian lands produce so much good, heavy music? We're not sure, but it's probably all that Viking blood coursing through their veins. Show up early to check out Cult of Luna's under-the-influence-of-Neurosis style.

Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10-$12.